Are You Ready To Take Back Control Of Your Body By Fixing The Health & Hormone Issues You've Been Struggling With For Years?


Reverse Illness, Get Taken Off Medication, Eliminate Menopause Symptoms, Look Your Best & Feel Amazing


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Tafiq's Metabolic Makeover Coaching

This Is For Anyone Who Has Tried Everything To Improve Your Health, Lose Weight, Get Fit And Feel Better But Nothing Has Worked.

Tafiq’s Metabolic Makeover nutrition & wellness coaching helps you take the guesswork out of what you need in eat order to balance your hormones, lose weight, boost your metabolism and improve your overall health over 40.

By focusing on healing your personal Metabolic Distress you can reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life naturally. You can also reduce and even eliminate disease and chronic pain caused by your specific areas of metabolic distress. 

Let Me Help You Take Back Control Of Your Body By Fixing The Health & Hormone Issues You've Struggled With For Years


Client Transformations


Getting Started

We begin with an in-depth screening specifically designed to uncover the areas of metabolic distress causing the hormone, health and weight issues you’ve been struggling with for years.

The 5 primary area of Metabolic Distress are a Metabolic Adrenal Distress, a Metabolic Liver Distress, a Metabolic Reproductive Distress (primarily related to menopause), a Metabolic Digestive Distress, or a Metabolic Thyroid Distress.

Your personal area of Metabolic Distress is determined by the symptoms you report experiencing. When you heal your distress you’ll promote sustainable weight loss, improved physical fitness, increased vitality, and optimal health.

You'll work directly with a Metabolic Health & Fitness specialist with more than 20 years experience helping women and men turn back the clock on their metabolism to look and feel their very best. 

I don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to anything related to nutrition, health and fitness. Your plan of action to resolve your metabolic distress will be based on what you need and are realistically able to commit to. I will meet you where you are to get to where you want to be.

Every 4-weeks we will reassess and track your progress in order to shift and pivot as your body and health begin to change. My Metabolic Makeover method is based on understanding how your metabolism and hormones respond to the nutrients you consume and physical activity you  engage in. I will provide you with a proven plan to physiologically transform the shape and health of your entire body. 

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~ Here's What's Included With Your Monthly Metabolic Makeover Coaching ~

  • Metabolic Health & Vitality Screening + Assessment + Report + Consultation + Followups ($299/mo value)
  • Monthly Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Plan + Unlimited Access To Tafiq's Metabolic Kitchen Club [recipes, meal prep, cooking tutorials, and more] ($399/mo value)
  • Monthly Personalized Fitness & Physical Activity Plan + Unlimited Access To Tafiq's Metabolic Fit Club [virtual gym ($199/mo value)
  • Weekly Personalized Coaching Videos ($399/mo value)
  • Unlimited 15-minute Laser Coaching Sessions > by appointment only < ($299/mo/ value)
  • Unlimited Email Support (Priceless)


Personalized Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

THIS IS NOT A DIET. This is a nutrition plan that is 100% about eating foods in the correct combinations and the correct portion sizes specific to YOUR metabolic needs. in order to heal the imbalances in YOUR body by boosting your immune system, improving digestion, balancing your hormones, and maximizing your metabolism for optimal fat loss and good health.

Personalized Metabolic Physical Fitness Plan 

This is a physical fitness and activity plan designed specifically for you and your personal metabolic needs. Your plan will be designed to help you boost your power and strength, improve your balance, increase your flexibility, improve your overall health, increase your stamina, reshape your body, shed excess body fat, and improve your cardiovascular health.

Healthy Lifestyle & Accountability Coaching 

Not only do you get coaching from someone who cares about your success, who personalizes your nutrition and fitness plans, and meets you where you are in order to make the transition to healthier living easier, and most importantly, sustainable. You also get accountability, continuous support, and, expert coaching every step of the way.

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Are you ready to look and feel better than you have in years?

Are you ready to stop dieting and start eating to fuel your health and wellness?

Are you ready to follow the guidance of a health & fitness specialist?

Are you ready to commit to making time to focus on your personal nutrition, health and fitness?

Are you ready to invest in taking care of their LONG-TERM health and vitality?

Are you ready to make your health and vitality a priority in your life?

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