Are You Ready To Turn Back The Clock On Your Metabolism To Lose Weight, Get Toned & Feel Great?


I Can Help You Reverse Mid-Life  Weight and Health Problems To Look and Feel Better Than You Have In Years


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 Tafiq's Metabolic Makeover Platinum Coaching

I Help Women & Men Over 40 Who Have Tried Everything To Lose Weight, Get Toned And Feel Better. 

Losing weight can be easy, it’s keeping the weight off that becomes the challenge for most people. With 1-year of custom nutrition & wellness coaching with me you will have everything you need to maintain your goals longterm. When you incorporate healthier eating with expert coaching, consistency and discipline - lifelong habits are created.

By focusing on your personal metabolic and hormonal needs you will naturally reshape your body, restore your health and renew your life. You can reduce and even eliminate disease and chronic pain caused by inflammation. You’ll promote sustainable weight loss, improved physical fitness, increased vitality and optimal health.

Let Me Help You Turn Back The Clock On Your Metabolism To Lose Weight, Get Toned and Feel Great.


Here's What's Included

Customized Nutrition & Wellness Coaching

THIS IS NOT A DIET. This is a nutrition plan that is 100% about eating foods in the correct portion sizes and combinations in order to heal the imbalances in YOUR body by boosting your immune system, improving digestion, balancing your hormones and maximizing your metabolism for optimal fat loss and good health.

Unlimited Access To Tafiq's Kitchen Club Membership

Take the guesswork out of what to eat and how to MAX your metabolism to optimize your health and wellness. You'll get brand new recipes and meal plans each month. Unlimited access to the library of recipes with tons of options including 5-ingredient meals, healthy treats, smoothies and more. There are cooking demo videos, healthy kitchen tips and more.

Unlimited Laser Coaching Sessions

Not only do you get a coach who cares about your success, who personalizes your nutrition and fitness program, and meets you where you are in order to get you where you want to be. Your one-to-one 15 Minute Laser Focused Coaching Calls (via Zoom or Phone) provide the continued support, guidance, inspiration and accountability needed to reach and keep your goals.

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~ single payment for one year membership ~

  • Tafiq's Metabolic Physiotype™ Health & Vitality Screening + Report | Quarterly ($799 value)
  • Onboarding Consultation & Assessment ($199)
  • 1-Year Unlimited Coaching Calls via Zoom or Phone w/ Tafiq ($3900 value)
  • Custom Metabolic Physiotype™ Nutrition & Wellness Guidelines | Quarterly ($399 value)

  • Custom Metabolic Physiotype™ Fitness & Physical Activity Guidelines | Quarterly ($399 value)

  • 1-Year Unprecedented Expert Coaching & Support (Priceless!)

Value Of Over $5600


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Is Tafiq's Metabolic Makeover Platinum Coaching For You?

I only work with people who are truly ready to look and feel their best, are willing to change their approach to food and exercise, willing to be coached, willing to commit to taking time to focus on their personal health and fitness, and willing to invest in taking care of their LONGTERM health and vitality.

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