Tafiq's Physiques OnDemand

Tafiq's Physiques OnDemand provides streaming workout videos designed by Tafiq Akhir, Int's Fitness, Nutrition and Wellness Coach.

New workouts are added monthly and we will even be providing cooking and wellness videos starting late summer.

Videos can be seen on your computer, smart phone, tablet and even on your TV.

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Tafiq's Physiques On Demand Monthly Subscription

Get full access to the workout videos, cooking videos (coming soon) and wellness videos (coming soon) created by Tafiq Akhir, Int'l Fitness and Nutrition Coach. New workouts are added every month to the current catalog of over 20 workout videos. Sign up now and get a 5 day FREE trial*     *Note: Your card will be charged after the trial has ended.

$17.00 USD every month