Livestream Coaching

Stay healthy and fit in the comfort of your own home.

Train "LIVE", 6-days per week with three of LA's top health and fitness specialists. Tafiq Akhir, owner and head coach at Tafiq's Physiques and elite-level fitness coaches, Ana Lorenzana and Kevin Keeling.

You also get access to our weekly recipe library, healthy living resources and over 100 "LIVESTREAM" recorded replays

Offering 30-days of unlimited live virtual group training classes you can do from anywhere with minimal equipment, guided by Tafiq’s Physiques elite-level coaches.

 When you sign up you will get instant access to:

  6 Daily Live-Streamed Workouts via Zoom [Mon-Fri: 9am] & [Sat 11am]. 

  Access to the daily recordings of the more than 100 “live” classes.

  An elite level certified Tafiq’s Physiques Trainer coaching and inspiring you through every workout, "LIVE".

  A shared private community group for support and accountability. 

  Awesome weekly recipes to help you stay healthy and fit.

  Healthy living resources to make daily life easier with minimal stress.

  All workouts are family-friendly and joint-friendly for all fitness levels.


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