How Metabolic Distress Affects Women's Health After 40










Learn about the 5 areas of metabolic distress that affect hormones, health, and weight management most often for women 40 to 65 years of age.


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What They're Saying About Tafiq

Francie Friesth

I had various trainers over the years, but I had to tell you Tafiq's truly a diamond in the rough.  My goal in working out with him is quite simple - to achieve maximum strength, and stay healthy.  And perhaps maybe someday, even catching my reflection and say: whoa! I'm getting close to having Angela Bassett's beautiful arms from "How Stella Got Her Groove Back"
I couldn't even do one sit-up, nor a push-up 11 months ago, but now I can - I like what I see, and I owe it to Tafiq & his wonderful, friendly staff.  Tafiq's not only a fitness instructor, he is also a nutrition and life coach.  I look forward to waking up every morning for class because I know I'm doing something good for myself so I can be a better person for myself and those whom I love.

Janice Bremec

Just when you think you’ve done it all Tafiq finds muscles that you didn’t know you had!  I’ve done every kind of workout there is but with Tafiq I’m amazed at his creativity.  He takes an ordinary exercise and TAFIQIFIES it!  I am always challenged, always surprised and beyond thrilled with my results.  It’s not about working out to be skinny, it’s about being fit, being strong and learning more about what your own body can do and with Tafiq it’s more than I would have thought.  He calls one of his exercises “heavy pants”, it’s as if you are trying to pull up a pair of lead pants.  Every time I pull on a pair of pants I think “heavy pants” and then I break out a big smile because thanks to Tafiq my “heavy” pants are now smaller pants!

Darlene Beccaria

When I first met Tafiq, I knew that the road to being my best fit self would be successful and enjoyable at the same time.  Tafiq is very knowledgeable about the science behind working out, muscle training, nutrition, and balancing hormones.  At the same time, he is truly invested in our success and cares about each client’s needs and health.  I was in great shape for my wedding day!  My arms, body, and abs were toned and I was “picture perfect” for the big day.  That was over 16 years ago!  Since then I have been working out with Tafiq throughout all three of my pregnancies. As well as, postpartum to get the “baby weight” off, and now to balance my hormones and lose my menopause weight.


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